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Information for Faculty and Staff

Studying abroad is a valuable opportunity for your students to expand their global awareness while also enhancing their academic learning. Studies show that students can develop leadership skills as well as develop an increase in maturity and confidence. Studying abroad also provides students with the skills that influence their career paths as well as encourages them to attend graduate school.

About SUNY Study Abroad
SUNY Plattsburgh offers a wide variety of options for students who want to study abroad. In addition to the programs that we administer from our office, students have access to all study abroad programs at all SUNY schools in the system. Combined, there are 500+ programs to choose from at locations that span the globe. Students do not have to know a foreign language to study in a country where English is not widely spoken. Students can study on a short-term program during school break, or attend a winter or summer session abroad if they are unable to commit to a full semester or year away from their home campus.

Where Do I Refer Students Who Ask About Study Abroad?
If you are an advisor, then you will have students ask you about studying abroad. The most important piece of advice that you can give them is to plan early. Next, make sure that you stress all of the programs SUNY offers. Our students are not limited to participating in programs run by SUNY Plattsburgh. We encourage you to take a few minutes to view the complete list of SUNY study abroad programs. Please encourage all students who express interest to visit the Global Education Office for advising. We will help them narrow down programs that fit their needs and interest, and will explain the nuts and bolts of registration, financial aid, and costs.

The Role of Academic Advisors
If you are an advisor and/or department chair, you will evaluate courses students want to take while they are abroad and assess if these courses can be transferable. Prior to departure, students must submit a course approval form. We tell students to review course descriptions at their host institution, select several possible options for each course they want to take, and bring those with them to you. We suggest students ask for pre-approval of eight courses in case they can't get into a course or need to make other changes after they arrive. Once you indicate which requirements each course will fulfill, your department chair must review your assessment and sign for final approval. While our office can make coursework recommendations to students, academic advisors and department chairs must ultimately make the final decision in evaluating courses taken abroad. 

The Role of Financial Aid Staff
Financial Aid must review and sign the course approval form. Prior to doing so and before starting an application, students should have meet with the financial aid office to discuss the cost of their program.  Cost estimates are available online and are specific to each program and term.

Can I Take Students Abroad, or Suggest a Program?
Several faculty and staff members lead groups of students abroad for short periods of time each year. Leading such a program requires extra work and assumes some liability; however, the faculty and staff who have led these programs find them very rewarding. There's no "cookie cutter" to help you design a program, but there are some general procedures to follow. Jamie Winters, Associate Director, is your first point of contact to inquire about proposing a short-term study abroad program.

Where Can I Find More Information?
We have all of our program information available here. We welcome you to stop by or call the Global Education Office at (518) 564-3287 if you would like more information. We also like to conduct brief information sessions during classes at the beginning of each semester. Contact our office if you would like us to schedule a brief presentation for one of your classes. We also do study abroad presentations for faculty and staff meetings, which many departments and offices find very helpful!